Instagram hackOne of the most popular social media platforms you can use right now is Instagram. If you’re doing business and using the app as one of your sources of out reach then you will want to use these hacks to make your job easier online.

We also want to go over a tactic that is used by some people in the industry. They use an Instagram hack that finds the password to any account. Hacking into an account that is set to a business profile provides valuable data to the user. Giving out information regarding which post got the most engagement, views, comments, saves, etc. It even tells you the target demographic. Say it’s a fashion niche directed towards women. You’ll see the data directly correlate to women and the age group. Having a way to hack Instagram accounts can greatly benefit your campaign. Spying on competition can give you the edge to win over their customers.

The hack is not exclusive to only business profiles but it also works on private and public profiles. There have been cases of some people stealing celebrities Instagram accounts. They lose total control but if they do have a verified account with the blue check mark. It makes it easier for them to recover their account. Most hackers make it obvious by posting comments or photos up that don’t really match up to what the original owner usually posts.

Having high engagement helps boosts your posts up to the top for the hashtags that are included in the post. There are quite a few hacks that can get your post on the explore page. Getting on the explore page is every marketer’s dream because it brings in insane amounts of traffic and new followers. This will help the company grow and give their brand more reach. When people tag their friends and followers and posts they do see it in their notification feed. It makes them check out whatever they tagged them in. New likes, followers, and comments can come in this way.

Using a viral content hack on Instagram will definitely help you get noticed. Especially if you just started out and have a small number of followers. There’s already a lot of content out there and you only have a minute or less to get the attention of your audience. First, you want to use an image that will instantly capture the attention of the viewer. If they’re quickly scrolling through their feed and see your awesome picture they’ll most likely watch it. A lot of viral content creators are doing this hack. All you have to do is edit the photo onto the last second of the video. Then when you upload it to Instagram, select the last frame as the cover photo.

We hope you enjoyed this Instagram hacks. We’ve tried them all and they worked out great. Some of our readers have told us their clients have gotten so much more followers because of these techniques. What do you guys think? Have any hacks that you’d like to share with us? Leave us a message and we will update this article.